Bushcrafting News

  1. Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden to release new survival knife with built-in firesteel in Spring 2012 
  2. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft now on Twitter!
  3. Bear Grylls bites the big one! - Discovery Channel cancels Man vs Wild after seven seasons
  4. Behind the scenes look at our gear testing- Dave's greatest hits
  5. Dave Canterbury leaves Dual Survival, replacement to be announced soon
  6. Les Stroud partners with Wetterlings to produce the new "Bushman Axe"
  7. Survivorman returns to the Discovery Channel! 
  8. Hultafors considering US axe distribution
  9. What ever happened to Bear Grylls?
  10. We love comments!!!
  11. Dual Survival announces replacement for Dave Canterbury
  12. Benchmade releases new "Bushcrafter" knife
  13. How did Joe Teti do in his first Dual Survival show?
  14. SHOT Show 2013 Report!
  15. Outdoor Retailer Show, Winter 2013 Report! 
  16. New Dual Survival episode comes to Rocky Mountain Bushcraft's home turf
  17. Has "resume embellishment" returned to Dual Survival? Bloggers claim Joe Teti is not a combat veteran
  18. AT&T Rugged Lifestyle Technology Event and Dinner
  19. Facebook war erupts between Mykel Hawke and Joe Teti, angry words exchanged 
  20. 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show Report! (w/ Edged Tools Report)
  21. Quick Update- Flood disaster in Rocky Mountain Bushcraft's hometown, etc
  22. Out in the backcountry testing winter gear
  23. Site Update- SHOT Show, Upcoming Reviews and Articles
  24. SHOT Show 2014: Les Stroud at the Camillus Knives booth
  25. Breaking News: Discovery Channel fires Cody Lundin from Dual Survival
  26. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft Exclusive: Discovery Channel responds to Cody Lundin being fired from Dual Survival- UPDATED
  27. DUAL SURVIVAL: Cody Lundin accuses Discovery of doctoring footage, criticizes Matt Graham
  28. TV Guide Special Report: The Dangerous Side of Survival TV
  29. RMB Reader Adventure: Just out of the military, dreams of bushcrafting in the Colorado Rockies
  30. Bushcrafters take note!-- "Lumbersexual" is now all the rage
  31. Running into a childhood hero: Dan Haggerty AKA "Grizzly Adams"
  32. Dual Survival star Joe Teti sues Mykel Hawke, Special Forces Association for defamation
  33. Off to SHOT Show in Las Vegas!
  35. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft's "Survival Secrets: 6 Ways a Tree Can Save the Day" on front page of Backpacker this month
  36. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft featured in San Jose Mercury News
  37. Dual Survival canceled by Discovery Channel according to TMZ- UPDATED
  38. What do you think of History Channel's new show "Alone?"
  39. New Jeremiah Johnson-esque movie called the "The Revenant"
  40. New outdoors film- "A Walk in the Woods" starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte
  41. New Pioneer Magazine issues apology to Rocky Mountain Bushcraft
  42. RMB UPDATE 9/30/2015
  43. Bigfoot sign in Pike National Forest
  44. RMB in Winter 2016 issue of The New Pioneer Magazine
  45. Please "Like" the Rocky Mountain Bushcraft Facebook Page!
  46. "Fat Guys in the Woods" Canceled
  47. Dan Haggerty aka "Grizzly Adams," diagnosed with cancer
  48. RMB UPDATE: Edible and Medicinal Survival Plants of the Rocky Mountains
  49. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft now on Instagram!
  50. Reader Photo: Trekking in the Rockies from JB in Colorado


  1. Hi there!
    Have you done any review on the Zebra billy pots?

    1. Not yet, but it is on our list of future reviews.


  2. UPDATE- Zebra Billy Pots review is live and can be found by clicking on our "Gear Reviews" tab.