Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Special Thanks to New Pioneer For Taking Quick Action

Rocky Mountain Bushcraft would like to thank the editorial staff of New Pioneer Magazine for their quick action in addressing the issue of six RMB Tips & Tricks articles being used by a guest writer without proper accreditation.

The material not correctly attributed (see jpeg scans below) was "Healing with Honey," "Aspen Bark Bushcraft," "Protect Your Hacker," "Improvised Spark Makers," "Bandana Wring Out," and "Put a Corkscrew to Work."

To New Pioneer's credit, as soon as they were notified of the improperly credited text they took immediate action. An apology was quickly posted on their Facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/NewPioneerMagazine/posts/1138258732868978, and they will also be publishing a printed apology in their Winter 2016 edition, due out October 20th. New Pioneer was also nice enough to invite me to be the new author of their Woodsman's Almanac, which will renamed the Bushcraft Guidebook. In addition, their online listing of the Almanac was updated to reflect the correct authorship www.realworldsurvivor.com/…/the-new-pioneer-summer-2015-is…/

Hats off to New Pioneer for stepping up, and I'm looking forward to working with them on the upcoming Bushcraft Guide.

Cheers, Jason

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