Edged Tool Reviews


    1. REVIEW: Cold Steel 12" Barong Survival Machete- Bushman's Big Brother?
    2. Mora Knife ad from the 1950s
    3. REVIEW: Light My Fire (Mora) Swedish FireKnife
    4. REVIEW: Gerber Gator Fixed Blade
    5. First Impression Review: Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Wilderness Survival Knife
    6. REVIEW: The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife (Fine Edge) 
    7. REVIEW: The Puma Bowie Knife- For The Jeremiah Johnson In All Of Us......  
    8. REVIEW: Mora "Black Carbon" Bushcraft Knife
    9. REVIEW: Gerber EZ Out 3.5" Folding Knife (Fine Edge)
    10. Hilarious survival knife commercial from 1985!
    11. Mora FireKnife firesteel replacements now available on Industrial Revolution's website  
    12. REVIEW: Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
    13. REVIEW: The Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife- Has Bushcraft Gone Mainstream?
    14. Your Axe is Your Knife!
    15. REVIEW: Victorinox's new Hunter Pro Knife- Victorinox's first "bushcraft" blade?
    16. Mora Black Carbon Bushcraft Knife Update: Using the spine to ignite Charcloth with Quartz, Flint or Chert
    17. Mora to release new Bushcraft Pathfinder Knife on April 1st
    18. First Impression Review: Pinewood Forge Curved Knives- Hand Forged O1 Steel, Hand Finished Hardwood Handles WITH a Kydex Sheath for just $52- Wow
    19. REVIEW: The Big Bad Mora Bushcraft Pathfinder Knife
    20. First Impression: Mora 150 and 098 Fishing Knives- "Survival Fishing Knives"?
    21. "Made in the USA" FIELD REVIEW: Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Survival Knife
    22. SHOT Show 2014: Gerber releases Made in USA, limited edition "Legend" CPM-S35VN Hunting Knife to celebrate 75th Anniversary
    23. SHOT Show 2014: Lansky Sharpener's new 1095 High Carbon Wilderness Machetes, Double Sided Diamond Folding Sharpeners and "Apocalypse Kit"
    24. Just Arrived: TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft Knife
    25. Knife vs Hatchet-- Which is the King of Chopping?
    26. UPDATE: Mora Pathfinder Knife- Does the new revised Pathfinder stand up to the test?
    27. Knife used by Creek Stewart on "Fat Guys in the Woods"
    28. Gerber to release Made in the USA "StrongArm" Survival Knife
    29. Tips & Tricks: Batoning logs with a small fixed blade knife
    30. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft lands first-ever review of Jimmy Lile "First Blood" Rambo Knife
    31. SHOT SHOW 2015: Gerber StrongArm Military Survival Knife vs the Gerber Prodigy
    32. SHOT Show 2015: Helle Knive's new full tang "Utvaier" Knife
    33. SHOT Show 2015: Gerber full tang Golok and Bush Machetes
    34. SHOT Show 2015: EKA of Sweden's Nordic W12 Survival Knife
    35. SHOT Show 2015: Buck 119 "Brahma" Knife
    36. SHOT Show 2015: Buck Selkirk Survival Knife
    37. SHOT Show 2015: Benchmade Jungle Bolo Knife and Clip Point Jungle Knife
    38. SHOT Show 2015: Matt Graham's new Primitive Bush Knife
    39. REVIEW: Benchmade's "Explosive" new Bushcrafter Knife- The EOD
    40. Just Arrived: Helle Utvaer Survival Knife
    41. The Jimmy Lile Rambo First Blood Test Knife has arrived!
    42. Who da thunk it? The New York Times writes a positive article about men carrying pocket knives
    43. Featherstick made with a Helle Taiga Knife
    44. Article: The Knives of Mora (Umgas Magazine)
    45. Featherstick made with a Mora Pathfinder
    46. SHOT Show 2016: Mora's new full tang Garberg Knife
    47. SHOT Show 2016: Buck Knives Folding Selkirk Survival Knife and Sheath
    48. SHOT Show 2016: Buck Knives new "Kinetic" Wilderness Survival Spear
    49. New for 2016: Spyderco teams up with Ray Mears to create "WolfSpyder" folder
    50. New for 2016: Cold Steel to release SRK in premium CPM-3V Steel
    51. Mora Garberg Knife UPDATE!
    52. Knife Porn: Benchmade 551 Griptilian "H2O" Folding Knife
    53. Knife Porn: Camillus Bushcrafter Knife
    54. Knife Porn: Buck "Brahma" Fixed Blade Knife
    55. KNIFE PORN: SOG Force Survival Knife
    56. REVIEW: Helle 'Les Stroud' Temagami Knife- The Featherstick King
    57. Knife Porn: Benchmade 556-1 Mini-Griptilian, CPM-S20CV Stainless with Deep Carry Pocket Clip
    58. Knife Porn: Benchmade 928 Proxy CPM20CV
    MULTI-TOOL Reviews
    1. REVIEW: Leatherman Charge AL- Multi-Tool for Wilderness Survival?
    2. LONG TERM UPDATE: Leatherman Charge AL Multi-Tool- "The Do-It-All Pocket Companion"
    3. Leah's Corner: Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool conquers the suburbs
    4. SHOT Show 2015: Leatherman's new "Signal" Wilderness Survival Multi-Tool
    5. Leatherman's Charge TTi Multi-Tool- Worthy Upgrade over the Charge AL?
    AXE/HATCHET Reviews
    1. REVIEW: The new Fiskars X7 Hatchet- budget Gransfors Bruks killer?
    2. Council Tool Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe- First Impression
    3. FIELD REVIEW: Council Tool Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe
    4. Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe- Quick Update
    5. REVIEW: Best Made 26" Unfinished Hudson Bay Axe
    6. REVIEW: Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe
    7. REVIEW: The Helko Vario 2000 Convertible Axe System- Is this the future of axes? 
    8. Helko Outdoor/Camping Hatchet: First Impression
    9. VIDEO: Safe and Efficient Axe Use: The Felling Notch
    10. VIDEO: Safe and Efficient Axe Use- Small trees
    11. VIDEO: How to Choose a Bush Axe
    12. Vintage Axe Restoration Project- Kelly "True Temper" Axe 
    13. REVIEW: Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe- Hottest Axe on the Market for any Price?
    14. Wetterlings releases new "Universal Woodsman's Axe" for Bushcrafters- Updated
    15. Review: Garrett Wade Leather Axe Holster 
    16. How Sharp Should Your Axe Be? 
    17. Tips & Tricks- Rub Candle Wax on your Machetes and Axe heads for a durable, water resistant coating 
    18. REVIEW: Husqvarna Forest Axe
    19. Vintage axe garage sale find and restoration
    20. REVIEW: The Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet- Finely crafted by Elves hiding in Sweden
    21. Review: Council Tool "Broad Hatchet"
    22. Quick Review: Council Tool Boy's Axe, US Forest Service Edition
    23. REVIEW: "Survivorman" Les Stroud Bushman Axe by Wetterlings
    24. Les Stroud Bushman Axe Issues\Conversation with Julia Kalthoff
    25. REVIEW: Boeshield T9- The Ultimate Axe and Machete protectant?
    26. Hultafors\Hults Bruks Classic Double Bit Axe
    27. REVIEW: Ontario RD Hawk II
    28. Tips & Tricks: An easy way to apply beeswax to your axe handles 
    29. Fiskars discontinues X5 Hatchet for 2013
    30. Chopping with a Ray Mears Wilderness Axe
    31. Battle of the Compact Bushcraft Axes!
    32. REVIEW: The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet- Have hatchets gone wild?
    33. Council Tool releases new Velvicut Boy's Axe
    34. Estwing 26" Camp Axe vs the Best Made Hudson Bay Axe- which axe chops better? 
    35. REVIEW: Marble's Safety Axe No.5 -- Not Recommended
    36. Tips & Tricks: An easy way to warm your axe bit during winter
    37. Your Axe is Your Knife!
    38. REVIEW: Fiskars' 28" Chopping Axe-- New, improved and ALL Black?
    39. Review: Zippo's 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe- Not recommended
    40. SHOT Show 2014: Hanging with the crew at Lansky Sharpeners
    41. Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe and Mini-Trekking Axe
    42. REVIEW: The Council Tool Boy's Axe - US Forest Service edition, is back!
    43. PHOTO: Field Testing the Fiskars X15 Axe
    44. Tip and Tricks: Loose Axe Head? Add A Second Wedge
    45. Council Tool discontinues popular 22.5" handled Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe, leaves 17.5" as only option
    46. Council Tool responds to the discontinuing of the 22.5" handled Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe
    47. New for 2015: Gerber Freescape Hatchet
    48. Axe Preparation Tip: Round Off The Top Edge of Your Haft to Prevent Splintering
    49. My winter survival "knife"
    50. Axe Porn: Vintage Plumb Felling Axe