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Is this spork the last eating utensil you'll ever need? DJ Urbanovsky, owner of American Kami and creator of the "APOCALYSPORK," thinks so. He says confidently that, "If you want flatware that will last you through the apocalypse, this is it."

The Spork

Urbanovsky touts the "APOCALYSPORK" as an indestructible, multi-function survival tool. Forged from 6AL4V Medical Grade Titianum, he says the the APOCALYSPORK is the strongest spork on the market. Here are some of things it can do:

  • Bottle Opener/Pot Lid Lifting Hook
  • Oxygen Bottle Key/Small Carabiner Hole
  • MSR Shaker Stove Takedown Key
  • .25" Emergency Hex Driver Key
  • Extra Long Handle for getting food out of extra deep cans/MRE pouches
  • Excellent for cooking and fire poking

Urbanovsky says the titanium he uses is sourced from military and aerospace scrap. In addition to its robust construction and multi-tool capability, the APOCALYSPORK has these additional features:

  • Berry compliant
  • Available variants are Spork, Fork, or Spoon, in full size or stubby.
  • 9.3" long from tip to tines and 0.071"-0.073" thick. (Stubbies are 6.85" long)
  • Won't rust or corrode.
  • Non-Magnetic.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Stonewash over Torch Anodization for good looks, slick mouth feel, and ease of cleaning. All corners, points, and edges are smoothed over, for comfort and TSA Compliance.
  • Fluid capacity at tines is 1/3 more than the Snowpeak Spork
  • Weight: 1.3 ounces (as weighed on a digital postal scale)
  • Price: $44.00

Size comparison with a Snow Peak Titanium Spork:
(photo credit: American Kami)


I've carried an APOCALYSPORK in my pack for the last three years. For the review, I will focus on the longer 9.3" version, because I've found its additional length to be more useful for bushcrafting and survival tasks. If you're looking for a lighter, more compact version of the APOCALYSPORK, check out DJ's "Stubby" version, which is only 6.85" long (shown in the main photos).

Here's my impression......

The APOCALYSPORK's extra long handle makes it great for eating food out of Mountain House packages or for stirring soups in camp pots:

The back of the handle, which also doubles as a bottle opener, comes in handy for lifting hot lids, prying things open, or poking the campfire. Titanium has a melting point higher than steel and is a poor conductor of heat, so it is ideal for this purpose.

Wilderness Survival Gun companion tool

The APOCALYSPORK turned out to be very useful for adjusting or maintaining my wilderness survival guns. I found that the large wrench hole fits the bolts on my Konus Quick-Release Rifle Scope Mounts perfectly:

The bottle opener also functioned very efficiently as a wrench on the bolts of a scope mount on another one of my bush rifles:

Although it's not the best tool for this job, I found that the APOCALYSPORK was strong enough to tighten the barrel nut on my Marlin Papoose .22 Survival Rifle:

Improvised Firesteel Striker and Tinder Scraper

As it comes from American Kami's shop, the APOCALYSPORK's edges are a bit too rounded to be able to use it as a tinder scraper or as a striker for a firesteel. However, with a file and a few minutes work, I was able to square off a section on the handle which made it into a usable scraper/striker:

Thanks to the wrench holes in the APOCALYSPORK, it easily attaches to a backpack. Since Titanium is impervious to the elements, there is no worry about rust or corrosion when leaving it attached to the outside of the pack.

To keep it secured, I use a Nite Ize S-Biner SlidelockOf course, you can always just use plain ol' 550 paracord if you prefer (I rec'd Lifeview Outdoor's USA made Mil-Spec Paracord). Although paracord works fine, I like the convenience of a quick-detach device like the S-Biner.


After carrying the APOCALYSPORK in the field for several years, I have, as Bob Ross used to say, "Beat the devil out of it!," yet it still looks like new. It has definitely proven to be as strong and durable as it's advertised to be.

I like that it can easily be modified to suit my individual survival needs, such as converting a part of the handle into a usable tinder scraper and firesteel striker.

One minor criticism is that I wish the spoon was a little deeper for eating soup. I notified American Kami's owner, DJ, about this not long after I got it, and he said he would take another look at the design and modify it if need be. This was several years ago, so it's possible that the newer APOCALYSPORK's have been modified.

At $44.00, the price might be a bit steep for some. It is quite a bit more expensive than titanium sporks from other manufacturers. However, when you consider the APOCALYSPORK is a high quality, forged titanium survival tool that's made in the USA, you realize the quality makes it worth the price.

Minor criticisms aside, I think the APOCALYSPORK is an excellent, well crafted survival and bushcraft tool. Plus, its torch anodized, stone washed finish makes it very attractive and unique looking. A super tool that can handle super tough situations, the APOCALYSPORK would no doubt survive any doomsday scenario and beyond. 

4.5 out of 5 Stars (Highly Recommended)

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