Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Facebook war erupts between Mykel Hawke and Joe Teti, angry words exchanged- UPDATED

Former Man, Woman, Wild star Mykel Hawke has unleashed a series of tirades on his Facebook page against Dual Survival star Joe Teti. In the posts, Hawke scolds Teti as a fraud, a coward, and even shared posts from Teti's former co-workers who accuse Teti of criminal behavior-- wow!

One of the more interesting things to come out in these posts is that Hawke claims to have been Joe Teti's former commander at their California National Guard unit, and was also responsible for getting him his job on Dual Survival.

Teti responded to Hawke's accusations on his own Facebook page, calling Hawke a "fool" and stating that he would be filing a defamation of character lawsuit against him.

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