Monday, August 15, 2016

Edible & Medicinal Survival Plants of the Rocky Mountains Pocket Guides now available!


"Medicinal Survival Plants of the Rocky a simple, useful guide to stay healthy on your next trek through the wilds." -

"These guides can be used in a pinch and serve as a worthwhile reference in the field." 

"My friend Jason Schwartz of Rocky Mountain Bushcraft a good guy with good knowledge and good words, check out the link (to GearJunkie's review of Jason's plant guides) and his other works. - -Mykel Hawke, Star of "Man, Woman, Wild" 

"Thank you for the Edible and Medicinal Survival Plants of the Rocky Mountains Pocket Guides that are currently in use by the Saguache County Sheriff's Department. They should prove to be a great resource for the Search and Rescue Team as well as for Saguache County Sheriff's Deputies.-Dan Warwick, Sheriff, Saguache County, Colorado Sheriff's Office-

"Survival Guides are a dime-a-dozen, but good ones, the real save-your-life guides are as rare as hens teeth. Luckily the two new plastic-covered foldouts from Jason Schwartz are an outstanding and necessary contribution to your survival kit that literally could save your life....anyone living within 200 miles east or west of the Continental Divide should spring for the $8 apiece and put a set in every bug out bag and car or truck glove box." -Doc Montana,

Hey friends!

Hope you are well. 

As some of you may already know, I was lucky enough to be signed to Waterford Press last year to do a set of survival plant guides for the Rocky Mountains. 

At the time of the announcement, the guides generated lots of interest, but were not yet available. Now, that has all changed. The guides are now in stock and ready to ship!

What's in them?

Edible & Medicinal Survival Plants of the Rocky Mountains is a set of easy to understand pocket survival guides. These handy guides can help hikers and backpackers lost in the Rocky Mountains forage for food or treat aliments and injuries using wild plants and trees.

Laminated, water-resistant, ultralight and made in the USA, they were written for practical, real world survival use.

The plants and trees in these guides were selected because they are widespread, easy to identify, and cover a wide range of seasons, environments, and life zones (i.e., winter/summer; Plains to Alpine Zones, etc).

The guides also contain helpful tips on how to use Rocky Mountain plants and trees for bushcraft and survival use, as well as many other cool "factoids" about the historical and Native American uses of each individual species.

In June of 2016, the Saguache County Colorado Sheriff's Department evaluated and adopted Edible & Medicinal Survival Plants.

Edible & Medicinal Survival Plants of the Rocky Mountains pocket guides are $7.95 per guide plus $3.95 shipping for up to two guides. Order your copy below:

                                                                                                    ORDER MEDICINAL

No matter where you hike in the Rockies, these pocket guides will make a great addition to your survival kit.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New for 2016: Emberlit 'Sprongs' Convertible Eating Utensil


New for 2016, Emberlit Campstoves is releasing a new bush utensil that combines a spoon, fork and a pair of tongs all into one. "Sprongs," as Emberlit calls them, are the latest brainchild of Emberlit Campstoves founder Mikhail Merkurieff.

Looking to get more functionality out of the classic combo utensil designs that are on the market today, Mikhail went back to the drawing board and came up with a simple but highly useful solution.

A functional pivoting attachment on each fork and spoon handle allows the utensils to combine to instantly convert into a useful set of tongs. The result is a surprisingly handy and easy to use backpacking tool.


  • Sprongs\' spoon and fork lock together to form useful tongs. Three utensils for the space and weight of two!
  • The spoon and fork nest together for convenient storage.
  • Sprongs\' dimensions are based on home silverware for familiarity and comfort.
  • The spoon is 1 tablespoon in volume, a common and useful unit of measure.
  • Sprongs\' extra long handles reach the bottom of MREs and dehydrated meals to avoid getting hands covered in food. 
  • The fork doubles as a bail hook for lifting hot lids and pots. 
  • Sprongs have a strategically placed lanyard hole for added convenience when storing.
  • Made in the USA from food safe, BPA free, hi temp (400° F), ultra strong, and flexible nylon.
  • Weight: 0.7 ounces (as weighed on a digital postal scale)
  • Price: $12.99, available directly from Emberlit's website

All Sprongs are 100% made in the USA from BPA-free/food safe, high temperature (400° F) flexible nylon.

Check back in a few weeks and I should have a field test update on the Sprongs. I have a couple of backpacking trips planned and will be using them as my main eating utensil.