Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful high desert sunset in the Southern Rockies

(photo credit: ©Rocky Mountain Bushcraft 2015)

Hey friends, hope you are well! Just thought I'd share this photo I took of a beautiful high desert sunset in the southern Rockies in Colorado. I took it with our new Nikon D5300 test camera, which has been a great addition to our gear inventory because it makes taking great photos so easy.

Cheers! Jason

Friday, May 15, 2015

SHOT Show 2015: Kel Tec's new weather resistant Nickel-Boron finish

(photo credit: Rocky Mountain Bushcraft)

If you like to carry ultra-light semi-autos for trail pistols, listen up. New for 2015, Kel Tec is offering a weather resistant Nickel-Boron finish as an option on its semi-automatic pistols, such as the PF9 (shown above), P11, P3AT and P32. This finish replaces their older Hard Chrome finish.

Kel Tec's Ultra-light PF9 9mm, weighing in at a svelte 12.7 ounces

I got my first look at this finish back in January at SHOT Show and was impressed. Here I am with Derek Kellgren of Kel Tec checking out a new Nickel-Boron finished PF9:

(photo credit: Leah Klocko/Rocky Mountain Bushcraft)

Kel Tec's featherweight P3AT .380 (only 10 ounces loaded) with Nickel-Boron finish and Optional Neck Lanyard

(photo credit: Rocky Mountain Bushcraft)

Kel Tec's pistols are the lightest semi-automatic pistols on the market. This makes them popular with backpackers and hikers who have to count every ounce. The new rust-resistant finish should be a welcome addition for hikers who never know when they'll get caught in a summer monsoon!

Cheers, Jason

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Benchmade's "Explosive" new Bushcrafter Knife- The EOD

For 2015, Benchmade Knife Company has added a new version of the 162 Bushcrafter knife to its line called the "EOD." The EOD, which stands for "Explosive Ordnance Disposal," was developed after Benchmade got word that members of the US Navy's EOD team in California were using original 162 Bushcrafter knives to cut C4 Plastic Explosives. I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty wild way to use the Bushcrafter. Apparently, EOD team members appreciated the Bushcrafter's combination of cutting performance, rugged build quality, size, S30V stainless blade, and G10 handles.

A member of the US Navy's EOD Team trains for bomb removal:
(photo credit: US Navy)

After Benchmade sat down with some of these Navy Bushcrafter aficionados, they decided to create a new version of the Bushcrafter with a couple of minor changes suggested by the EOD guys. 

One of these changes was to ditch the original leather sheath for a new kydex sheath. A better choice since the guys spent all of their time in and around saltwater:

Because the EOD guys were using the knife for decidedly "less bushcrafty" tasks, no firesteel loop was required on the sheath. This also serves to lighten the knife's carry weight, important when they have to wear heavy, gargantuan super suits designed to withstand a close perimeter bomb blast!

Another minor change was the handle color. The red liners were removed and the color switched from the original Bushcrafter's green to coyote brown.

Everything else about the new EOD Bushcrafter knife remains the same as the standard 162. You can check out our full review of the original Bushcrafter knife here. Bombs away!

Cheers, Jason

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