Thursday, January 23, 2014

SHOT Show 2014: Hanging with the crew at Lansky Sharpeners!

I was lucky enough to run into the crew at the Lansky Sharpener exhibit at SHOT Show. As many of RMB's axe-enthusiast readers know, Lansky makes the famous Lansky "Puck" axe and machete sharpener that has been used for decades by everyone from the US Forest Service to Mors Kochanski.

From left to right in the photo below are Alex, who helps run Lansky's web and social media, me (the TALL guy, ha!) and Billy, who is involved with product design and marketing. Billy happens to be a very knowledgeable wilderness survival and bushcraft enthusiast, and the brains behind some of the cool new Lansky products I'll be posting about later this week. I'm also honored that he is an avid reader of Rocky Mountain Bushcraft- way cool!

(click to enlarge)

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