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REVIEW: Marble's Safety Axe No.5 -- Not Recommended

Blue Ridge Knives was nice enough to send us a Marble's Safety Axe No. 5 to try recently. My initial impression was favorable, since the overall quality, head profile and factory sharpness seemed very good for a hatchet in this price range.


Axe Blade Length: 4-1/2″ 
Cutting Edge: 2-3/8″ 
Steel: 1070 HC 
Rockwell Hardness: 50-55 
Handle material: Hickory 
Overall Length: 10-5/8″ 
Weight: 14.9 oz (as measured on a digital postal scale)
Street price: $40.00-$50.00 USD

Even though it's called a "Safety Axe," the Marbles No.5 is actually a very small hatchet:

The diminutive Safety Axe (left) next to a Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

What makes the Safety Axe unique is the built-in metal guard that folds out of the handle and functions as a protective sheath for the blade. The metal sheath has a piece of plastic inside to protect the bit when it's folded over the blade.

Profile comparison with a Gransfors Bruks Wildlife HatchetNote the Safety Axe's uniquely shaped eye, which Marble's claims holds the handle more securely in the head:


Eager to try the Safety Axe, I grabbed it and headed off to a favorite test location. The first three swings seemed very promising, as it cut deep into the wood for a small hatchet.

The fourth swing, however, turned into a nightmare. The head literally went flying up in the air, landing just inches behind me on the ground. Had it landed on me, it would have most likely meant a trip to the emergency room.

Thinking I might have just gotten a defective hatchet, I went online and did some research. I found that fellow blogger Woodtrekker had the same issue with the head coming loose when he reviewed a Marble's Safety Axe #9 back in October of 2010.

I also found that AG Russell was selling this same hatchet under the name "Pocket Safety Axe" for the rather outlandish price of $79.95. That's some serious coin for a mass produced hatchet that's made in Taiwan.


If Marbles fixes the head\handle issue, it could be a nice little backwoods hatchet. The stock cutting profile and sharpness is very good. The attached guard does make the handle a little less comfortable due to the hollowed space and metal liner, but the guard is a really handy feature. It can be used to attach the Safety Axe to your belt as well.

The head/handle junction issue is a real safety hazard. There is just too much potential for serious injury, so this axe is not recommended.

1 out of 5 Stars

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