Monday, March 9, 2015

SHOT Show 2015: Benchmade Jungle Bolo Knife and Clip Point Jungle Knife


Benchmade's latest foray into the large survival knife market is their new 153BK Jungle Bolo and 154BK Jungle Clip-point knives. Sporting 9.7" long blades made of 1095 High Carbon Spring Steel and grippy Santoprene handles, these knives look ready for serious action.

The biggest caveat is, will the 1095 Carbon Steel on these new Bolo knives hold up to serious use?

As we outlined in our 2013 review of the Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife, Benchmade swallowed a bitter pill back in 2008. The edge failed on their 1095-based CSK II as popular YouTube knife reviewer "NutNFancy" was limbing a green sapling in one of his videos.

Word spread like wildfire that the knife's edge was brittle and chip-prone, and sales plummeted, ultimately leading to the CSK II's demise. Ever since, Benchmade has taken great pains to prove that all of their new survival knives are as tough as nails, even posting torture test videos of the Bushcrafter Knife when it came out. 

Benchmade is apparently very confident in the toughness of this steel, so much so that they asked us to take the knives into the Rocky Mountains and thrash on them to see if they hold up. How could we resist an offer like that?! Once we put the knives through their paces, we'll post the test results, which will be linked here.

Having a chat with Derrick Lau at the Benchmade Knives display

The MSRP on Benchmade's new Bolo Knives is listed at $125.00 per knife. Made in Oregon City, Oregon USA. For more information visit

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