Thursday, February 12, 2015

Leah's Corner: Is the Galaxy S 5 Active really “Most Everything Proof?”

By Leah Klocko
Senior Copy Editor, Rocky Mountain Bushcraft

When the nice folks at AT&T asked if I wanted to review the Galaxy S 5 Active phone I jumped at the chance, then went online to see what I could learn about this new toy. The S 5 Active is billed as “Everything proof.”

  • Designed rugged: dustproof, water-resistant up to 3 feet (1 meter) for thirty minutes, and shock-resistant when dropped from 4 feet onto a flat surface. 
  • View your activity-related features with Activity Zone. 
  • Shoot high quality photos with the 16MP camera.

With these claims, I decided to test it without a protective case to see if the S 5 Active was really as resilient as it claimed.

“Shock-resistant when dropped from 4 feet onto a flat surface.” Yes, it certainly is. One thing about using a phone without adding a protective case -- it's slippery! I dropped the poor unsuspecting Galaxy S 5 Active onto everything from the marble floor at the library (SSSSH!) to a concrete floor at a Garth Brooks concert. Not a scratch, dent, or problem.

“Water-resistant.” I was worried about this one. Dropping the S 5 Active was an accident every time. Purposely submerging it seemed crazy. Jason and I were in Las Vegas for SHOT Show and we thought that would be a good time to dunk the phone in a fountain to see what would happen. We found a likely spot in front of Caesar’s Palace and in went the phone!

Apparently what happens in Vegas DOES stay in Vegas, no one gave us a second look! We submerged the S 5 Active for over 4 minutes with absolutely NO effect. It even received texts while under water!

Now, my absolute favorite thing about the Galaxy S 5 Active…..The camera. “Professional quality 16MP camera with fast focus.” Since I started carrying the Galaxy S 5 Active a few months ago I have literally taken THOUSANDS of photos. I can’t stop. The camera is wonderful to use, with effects like grayscale for beautiful black and white shots, an ISO that can be set for 800 to take shots in lower light without flash and zero shutter lag so you don’t miss the shot.

I have had more than one person say they were going to go get themselves a Galaxy S 5 Active phone after seeing photos I’ve taken with it. In fact Jason and I used it to take some of our best photos at SHOT Show.


I have been using the AT&T Galaxy S 5 Active in a city/suburban environment, but this phone would be perfect for your next bushcrafting adventure. It can take the rigors of the outdoors, is light weight and does not need constant charging. It’s “Activity Zone” feature includes a compass, flashlight, stopwatch, & barometer that can be accessed easily with a press of the key on the side of the device.

The still camera and video can easily capture the beauty of the wilderness, or the one that got away…..

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a do-anything, go-anywhere phone the AT&T Galaxy S 5 Active is the phone for you. The camera and battery power are top-notch, putting it leagues ahead of the Iphone in my opinion.

I am the person who always went for the cheap or free phone when signing up for phone service. Not anymore. I’ve been spoiled. Excuse me, while I go shoot some more pictures with the Galaxy S 5 Active.

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