Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Arrivals: CountyComm "Companion Compass" and "Brass Match Container w/Compass Capsule"

CountyComm, maker of ultra-cool "James Bond" style gadgets and tools for the US Government and Military, has just come out with two new survival products-- the "Companion Compass" and "Brass Match Container w/Compass Capsule. " Both made in the US of A! 

As some of you may recall, we reviewed CountyComm's SERE and ThumbTac Compasses last May and loved them. Both of these products bear the same high quality build as the SERE and ThumbTac compasses.

CountyComm's 'Companion Compass' is a simple, no-frills, high-quality micro-compass that can be stashed in a small survival kit for emergency use.

Their 'Brass Match Compass Capsule' can be used to store matches, money, a sparker, first aid or tinder.

The Companion Compass:

 Companion Compass Specifications:
Height: .45"
Diameter: .8"
Weight: 20.5 Grams
C360 Free Machining Brass ( Buttery Smooth )

Size comparison next to CountyComm's SERE Compass, which we reviewed last May. The Companion is slightly larger and a bit heavier than the SERE Compass, but has more precise directional indicators:

Brass Match Container w/Compass Capsule:

(photo credit: CountyComm)

Brass Match / Compass Capsule Specifications:
Height: 3.15"
Diameter: .8"
Weight 82.5 Grams
C360 Free Machining Brass ( Buttery Smooth )

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