Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Leah's Corner: Coghlan's Folding 7" Sierra Saw Test and Review

Photo credit: Jason Schwartz/Rocky Mountain Bushcraft

Hey everyone, it's Leah, the senior copy editor of RMB. I don't post very often, since I usually work more behind the scenes editing Jason's articles and reviews, but thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite pieces of gear- Coghlan's folding 7" Sierra Saw

Although I don't have Jason's experience when it comes to testing gear, I do enjoy trying out many of the cool products that we review here at RMB in order to get a better perspective when editing.

One of the products I've grown to love is Coghlan's Sierra Saw, which I first got about a year ago.

My yard ends in woods, and years ago someone planted English Ivy that was left to overrun the place. The ivy vines running up the tree trunks were inches thick. I had tried using other tools to combat the evil invader, but to no avail.

The Sierra Saw was light and small enough to maneuver under and around the vines, and strong enough to cut through stems the size of a tennis ball without getting stuck. I don't have a ton of arm strength, so when I use a saw I have trouble with the blade getting stuck, it's usually followed by more than a few choice words! The Sierra Saw doesn't ever seem to stick.

With the holiday season upon us, I had a reason to put my Sierra Saw to good use again for preparing the Christmas tree, so I thought I'd take a few photos with the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Phone that I'm testing.

Christmas is still weeks away, so I wanted to put the tree in some water to help keep it fresh. I thought I'd pull out the Sierra Saw to trim a slice off the bottom. This used to be a struggle. Saws would get stuck, the tree would move, the cut would be uneven. Not with the Sierra Saw! It probably didn't even take a full minute to cut a slice off the bottom and put the trunk in a bucket of water!

Even if you never go hiking, get yourself a Coghlan's Sierra Saw. It's as useful in the suburbs as it is in the woods. In fact, I liked it so much that I even gave one to a friend as a Christmas present last year!

Happy Holidays!


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