Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Les Stroud partners with Wetterlings to produce the new "Bushman Axe"

Former "Survivorman" star Les Stroud has partnered with Swedish axe-maker Wetterlings to produce a new axe called the "Bushman Axe".

According to Stroud, “The legendary reputation of Swedish axes has never been lost on me. I have used them through all of my adventures and travels in the wilderness. So when I was asked to design a beautiful, hand made wooden axe with Wetterlings, I jumped at the chance. It’s an opportunity to create my own legacy by joining an already existing great legacy. Wetterlings has made it easy to design an axe that reflects my ideals of craftsmanship, aesthetics and functionality.”

Description of the axe from Les Stroud's site:

"The Bushman by Survivorman Les Stroud is unique as it is both an axe and a hammer. The wedge shaped head ensures extreme splitting power. The long, broad blade is good for felling or carving. The neck is a distinct hammer and good for driving pegs. A notch for your fingers makes it easy to be very detailed and get nice cuts when doing precision work. The handle is long enough to be a two-hand axe for wood splitting and felling."

I don't have any specs yet, but my guess is that the Bushman Axe is a modified Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe. I'm trying to get an advanced sample to review before it's official release in November 2012, so I'll keep everyone posted.

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