Sunday, April 11, 2021

So where has Jason been?.......

Friends, it's great to see you again and thank you for continuing to support RMB with your comments during my long absence. Unfortunately, I got a bit sidelined after some of my military injuries caught up with me. So I had to spend some time at the VA getting evaluated/service-connected as well as doing some physical therapy/exercises before I could come back to Rocky Mountain Bushcraft.
I am more limited now in what I can do because of my service injuries, but the good news is, as long as I stay within those limitations, I can return to sharing my adventures with you about wilderness survival skills, bushcrafting, tips & tricks and knife reviews. In fact, I am looking forward to figuring out how to do more with less gear, doing it on a budget, and sharing all of those juicy details with you.

Stay tuned!


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