Friday, April 15, 2016

New for 2016: Chiappa Double Badger .22LR/20 Gauge Folding Bush Gun


For 2016, Chiappa Firearms is releasing a 20 Gauge version of their popular 410/.22 folding combo gun. As some of you may recall, I reviewed the .410 version back in 2014. After field testing it, I found it to be a great woods/hunting gun, off-the-grid pest control firearm, and survival gun.

What's notable about the Double Badger is that compared to many of the guns in Chiappa's line which make extensive use of alloys, the Double Badger's metal parts are made of 100% ordnance steel. This makes it more robust, and in my opinion, is one of Chiappa's best firearms.

The new 20 Gauge Double Badger's shotgun barrel is threaded for Rem-chokes, an awesome feature. Throw a turkey choke on it, and with the right ammo, you can take small game out to 50-60 yards with it. This makes it a great option if you plan to to use it as a survival gun.


Chiappa has promised to lend us a test gun as soon as they hit the shelves in the next 6-8 weeks. Stay tuned for more updates which I will post here.



PS- For those of you wondering what happened to the review of the Chiappa M6 and X-Caliber survival guns, I will be posting an update soon. The first guns I tested were early production versions which had many issues.

To Chiappa's credit, they took note of the issues, and have come out with new versions of the guns, which include removable chokes, a revised/stronger barrel band, loctite applied to all of the screws to prevent loosening while firing, and a .22 Magnum barrel option. I should be getting a new version to test soon and will keep you updated on the results.

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Jason Schwartz is the founder and senior editor of Rocky Mountain Bushcraft. He is a former Red Cross certified Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor, and has taught bushcraft and wilderness survival techniques to the Boy Scouts of America, interned with the US Forest Service, and studied wilderness survival, forestry and wildland firefighting at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, Colorado. Jason has also written for the The New Pioneer and Backpacker, including writing the "Tinder Finder" portion of Backpacker's "Complete Guide to Fire," which won a 2015 National Magazine Award (NMA). Email him at rockymountainbushcraft @ (without spaces)

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