Thursday, March 5, 2015

SHOT SHOW 2015: Gerber StrongArm Military Survival Knife vs the Gerber Prodigy

Gerber's new US made "StrongArm" Military Survival Knife has generated quite a buzz. The StrongArm is based on Gerber's popular serrated-edge Prodigy Survival Knife. Fans of the Prodigy have been begging Gerber for years to introduce a fine-edged version. Could the StrongArm, with its similar design and 4.8" fine edge blade be the knife they've been waiting for?

Readers keep asking how this knife compares to the Prodigy, so Leah and I decided to focus mainly on this aspect in our SHOT Show coverage.......

The Gerber StrongArm (bottom) next to the Gerber Prodigy (top):

With the exception of the StrongArm's new diamond texture rubberized handle and slight changes to the front guard, the differences between the two are relatively minor. One exception is the StrongArm's sheath, which has been revised to make it lighter with more attachment options.

(Prodigy on left, StrongArm on right):

StrongArm shown in foreground:

StrongArm (left) shown next to Prodigy (right):

Gerber's Promo Video:

Just like the Prodigy, the StrongArm's spine will strike a firesteel quite efficiently.

With its new straight edge, ultra-grippy diamond textured handle, and revised sheath with multiple carry options, the Gerber StrongArm has the potential to make an excellent survival knife for military personnel and beyond. Made in Portland, Oregon USA with an MSRP of $75.00

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