Thursday, January 30, 2014

SHOT Show 2014: Lansky Sharpener's new 1095 High Carbon Wilderness Machetes, Double Sided Diamond Folding Sharpeners and "Apocalypse Kit"

Lansky Sharpenersfamed makers of the Lansky "Puck" Axe and Machete sharpener, had some cool new products on display at SHOT Show this year.

Wilderness Machete and Kukri Machete

New for 2014 are Lansky's Wilderness Machete and Kukri Machete:

Made of 1095 high carbon steel, both sport genuine full tang construction and contoured, slip-resistant polymer handles. The Wilderness Machete has a 14" long blade with an aggressive wood saw on the back side. The Kukri Machete has a 13" long blade and does not come with a saw. Both come standard with reinforced nylon sheaths.

Lansky advised me that they took special care to temper the blades to ensure that they were hard enough to take a fine edge, yet also flexible and strong. My first impression of the machetes while handling them at the show was that they were comfortable in the hand and well balanced.

MSRP will be in the $40 range, and a release date is planned for April 1st.

Next up is Lansky's new "Diamond Sharpening Paddle," a double-sided, folding diamond sharpener. The Paddle comes in both Medium/Fine and Fine/Course grits. Lightweight and easily folded, it would be great for packing into the backcountry to keep your axe and knife edges in tip top condition.

For RMB's prepper-minded readers, Lansky has an "Apocalypse Survival Kit" bug-out bag. According to Lansky, the Kit "serves as the core of your emergency bag. The tools were selected to handle a number of situations including, escape from dangerous circumstances and basic survival during a variety of natural disaster or apocalypse scenarios."

One of the really cool items I noticed in the Apocalypse Kit is Lansky's "Firefighter's Battle Axe." Designed by Lansky with the close advisement of numerous professional firefighters, the axe has several really handy "worst case scenario" features such as a non-slip handle that's insulated to 10,000 volts, and can be used as an impact tool, pry bar, hose wrench or gas valve wrench. The Battle Axe can also bear a load up to 600lbs. Having survived a couple of major disasters here in Colorado, this is definitely something I'm considering throwing into my vehicle and home emergency kits!

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