Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photos of some gear testing trips last Spring

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that Rocky Mountain Bushcraft is a bit "photo-challenged" when it comes to photos of "yours truly" bushcrafting and testing gear. I'm a rather private person, so it's been a hard decision as to whether or not to post more photos showing my face. In the interest of sharing with readers, I am going to start releasing more personal photos of my mug while out bushcrafting. Comments are always welcomed, as what I love most about writing this blog is sharing my experiences with you. Happy holidays! -Jason

Testing the Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe last spring in the Roosevelt National Forest
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Different angle

Dave giving the X15 a try

Different trip where we hiked up a mountain to test gear and visited an old mining cave. Shown in the photos is Dave C and my stepson Alec, who's turned into quite an axeman since this photo was taken!

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Stopping on the way up to make a temporary camp to build a fire and make breakfast

Alec prepping the fire pit

Dave breaking out his Gerber Camp Axe to chop up some kindling

Dave keeping an eye on Alec so that he doesn't try to sneak off and chop down a hapless tree with his Estwing hatchet!

Dave has fire prep duty

Inside the cave- yes, it's a real bat cave! 

Me (looking a bit "paunchy" after a long winter of eating too much good food!) and Alec standing in front of the cave entrance 


  1. Nice pics Jason.  and to clarify I don't think anyone wants to see your face more ;)
    but rather the camp chore and camp like in those beautiful mountains you have there...and if your face is in a couple of those that's okay too :P

  2. Thanks Outdoor. I think we've been rather deficient in both departments and your point is well taken. So some occasional mugs, lots more camp photos. -Jason