Saturday, May 5, 2012

VIDEO: How to Choose a Bush Axe

Another great video from Ben Piersma from Ben's Backwoods. The only thing I would add is that carrying an axe is not always an option on the steep slopes of the Rockies. This is especially the case on multi-day backpacking trips. The amount of food and water needed for longer trips takes up most of the weight in your pack, so unless you have a back made of titanium, carrying an axe is usually not an option.

In a scenario like this, a folding saw or lightweight hatchet might be all that you can carry. However, lots can still be done with these smaller tools if you're creative (look for my primitive bow saw post this week for an example of how to process logs with just a Mora, Swiss Army Knife, and a two ounce bow saw blade).

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