Saturday, March 3, 2012

Massive "Made in the USA" Wilderness Gear Article coming soon!

Dear readers,

I am excited to announce that in the next 2-3 weeks I will be posting a massive "Made in the USA" outdoor gear article. I have been working on this project for well over three months and it has been taking up most of my time, hence my lapse in regular postings.

Could a backpacker, bushcrafter or outdoorsman still equip themselves with all US made gear today? The answer may surprise you. Keep checking back and make sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified when I finally post the article. Until then, here's a pic of Dave C assisting me with getting some photos of some US made Ibex and Filson clothing during a blizzard (poor Dave, I told him we had to go for the "dramatic" effect):

Also, I'll be posting a full review of Outdoor Research's Mt. Baker Modular Mitts in the next few days as well. We are heading into the mountains this weekend to test some more gear for the "Made in the USA" article and should return with lots of great photos and testing data, so keep checking back!

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