Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello RMB readers!

Hope you are well. As you may have noticed, I haven't posted much lately. RMB has not stopped functioning-- I've just been working on lots of behind-the-scenes stuff, plus, taking some time out to take care of personal obligations, so no worries! Thank you for your emails of concern- much appreciated.

So what's new since I've been away? Lots!........ To start with, RMB passed 2 million pageviews recently. This could not have happened without your repeat visits, so a big thanks to you!

2014 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show- While I was away, I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah and covered the 2014 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show. I should have the Edge Tools report for the show posted this week. While I was in Utah, I also spent some time camping in the Uinta Mountains which are part of the Rockies in Utah. Got to do some great field research while I was there, and also had some fun bushcrafting with my friends at Emberlit Camp Stoves.

Backpacker Magazine-  I am in the "10 Feet of Paracord" writeup in Backpacker Magazine this month (September issue). I will also have an article about fire-making tinders in the October Survival Issue. Backpacker is an outstanding magazine run by a great staff, so I'm honored to be able to guest write for them.

Survival Project- I'm really excited to be involved in a brand new project with somebody you might recognize...can't reveal the who, what, when and where yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I can!

RMB photo published in Brigham-Young University journal- Brigham Young University was impressed enough with one of RMB's Pine Knot Torch photos to use it in a journal they published recently. I'd like to thank BYU for including our photo, it's definitely an honor.

RMB Articles/Posts- Now that I am back from my summer adventures, I plan to resume posting. Look for a range of articles, reviews, and tips and tricks in the coming weeks!



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