Monday, February 17, 2014

Breaking News: Discovery Channel fires Cody Lundin from Dual Survival

In yet another shocking turn of events at Discovery Channel's popular Dual Survival TV show, it was announced today on Cody Lundin's Facebook page that he had been fired for "differences over safety and health concerns on the show."

According to a Facebook post written by Cody himself, he states the following:

Dear Campers,

Unfortunately, I have been fired by Discovery Channel for differences over safety and health concerns on the show and will no longer be a part of Dual Survival.

Although I’ll miss elements of the show, what I’ll miss the most are my fans and the opportunity to teach - on a global level – life saving skills, indigenous culture, and values of integrity and respect toward our natural world.

I have received numerous letters from viewers. Many are from kids, or their parents or grandparents, describing in detail how the show has changed their lives. It has brought families together, inspired kids to go outdoors, and motivated moms and dads around the world to take that family camping trip, many for the first time. If I can use a TV show to encourage people to turn off TV and turn on nature, I have done my job.

Thank you all very much for your support over the years. Be safe and prepared, and maybe I’ll train with you in the woods some day!

Stay classy,
Cody Lundin

Without Cody, I'm not sure what this will mean for the future of Dual Survival. The show barely recovered from a viewer backlash after popular co-star Dave Canterbury was fired last year. Will this be the end of Dual Survival as we know it? Or does Discovery have a new star waiting in the wings who will replace him?

February 19th, 2014 UPDATE- Discovery Channel responds to Cody Lundin's termination

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