Friday, May 20, 2016

Marlin Papoose .22 Survival Rifle @ 50 Yards on Deer Target- full review coming soon

RMB NOTE- In case someone might think I am some kind of cruel deer murderer for posting this, please note that this is the most humane and efficient way to hunt a deer with a .22 rifle in a wilderness survival situation.

A .22 rifle does not have sufficient power to kill a deer humanely or quickly by shooting it in the vitals the way most hunters would do with a high-powered rifle. A .22 does however have enough power to completely penetrate a deer's skull. This is why you would take head shots at a deer with a .22 if you are faced with a survival situation. 

Remember, "survival should never be political" as I always like to say.

Survival is never pretty. What's most important is that you come out alive. 



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