Tips and Tricks

    1. Tips & Tricks: An easy way to carry your axe while backpacking
    2. Tips and Tricks: Use the corkscrew on your Swiss Army Knife to undo stubborn knots  
    3. Tips & Tricks: Cotton Bandana- The Original Multi-Tool!
    4. Tips & Tricks: Use Mineral Oil or Petroleum Jelly to lubricate your Carbon Steel Knives and Axes
    5. Tips & Tricks: Rub Candle Wax on your Machetes and Axe heads for a durable, water resistant coating 
    6. Be careful with your Linseed Oil! 
    7. Tips & Tricks: Use a sharp rock, broken glass or a seashell to strike your firesteel in an emergency situation
    8. Tips & Tricks: An easy way to apply beeswax to your axe handles 
    9. Tips & Tricks: How to Clean your Water Bottles
    10. Tips & Tricks: Ripped your Gore-Tex Jacket? Fix it with a Gore-Tex Repair Kit
    11. Tips & Tricks: An easy way to warm your axe bit during winter