Monday, March 2, 2015

UPDATE: Chiappa X-Caliber and M6 Folding Survival Rifles

Hey friends, Jason here. I know many of you have been waiting patiently to see RMB's review of Chiappa's new X-Caliber and M6 Folding Survival Guns. The two test guns we received were pre-production models, and unfortunately both guns had some issues that have prevented us from completing field testing and posting a review. We immediately notified Chiappa about the issues, and they assured us that they would send replacements as soon as possible.

Being as all of this happened right before the major outdoor shows (SHOT Show, etc), shipping of the replacement guns was delayed. I'm happy to report that the new test samples are now on their way and our field testing should begin again in the next couple of weeks.

Aside from our usual battery of tests (accuracy, shot patterns, general reliability, etc.), we plan to rough test the polypropylene foam stock by grinding it against boulders. We also intend to toss the guns into a stream to see if they float. While the guns are wet, we will test fire them to check reliability. I also plan to shoot clay targets, thanks to the folks at Champion Targets, who were kind enough to donate a 3/4 Cock Skybird Clay Target Thrower to use in the review. This style of trap thrower will allow me to test the guns' wing-shooting ability in remote wilderness locations, since it doesn't require electricity and comes with a foot pedal to activate the trap. This should be a lot of fun!

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