Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DUAL SURVIVAL: Former 'Man Woman Wild' star Mykel Hawke speaks out about the firing of Cody Lundin

Mykel Hawke, survival expert and former star of Discovery's 'Man Woman Wild' and Travel Channel's 'Lost Survivors', reacted strongly yesterday to Cody Lundin being fired by the Discovery Channel. On his Facebook page Hawke, who at one point was Dual Survival co-star Joe Teti's commander when they served together in the California National Guard, did not mince words in reacting to the incident.

In the post, Hawke exclaimed "This is not about a man who was hired for not wearing shoes for 20 yrs and 4 seasons on a show, and then fired for the same thing. It's about what changed. That change came with a truck load of falsehoods. Those got 3 men dead. Now this real survival guy (has been) fired. 

It is easy to see the fake drama created to make the new 'expert' look like a hero, but his real record is anything but, and now, he continues to risk more folks' safety. Sorry, truth hurts sometimes. Anyway, next article in the installment of soap opera drama, and somewhat belittled again, by the media, failing to grasp the real issues. Nonetheless, I share, as was shared with me. Judge as you will."

This is certainly not the first time Hawke has spoken out about the Dual Survival show and its co-star Joe Teti. Last August, Hawke wrote a series of angry posts on his Facebook page accusing Teti of being a fraud, which RMB covered in this post.

Hawke also did an expose with the Air Force Times recently called 'Discovery Channel reality show star trades fire over combat experience,' in which he challenged the credentials Teti used to get on Dual Survival, and also claimed Teti was trying to steal sponsors that he had worked hard to get during his career.

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