Tuesday, February 12, 2013

List of upcoming articles and reviews/commentary- February 12th, 2013 UPDATE

February 12th, 2013 UPDATE

Dear readers,

Things have been winding down quite a bit since covering both the 2013 SHOT Show and Outdoor Retailer Shows. For the last several weeks, I've been finalizing a new list of product reviews, articles and cool destination spots that I'll be visiting this year for plant and tree identification, and to experiment with new wilderness survival and bushcraft techniques. Some of these locations will include Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Southern Colorado. Should make for an interesting year!


In other news.......It's been totally insane here at RMB since our Dave Canterbury post went viral on January 1st. When Season Three of Dual Survival hit the airwaves on that day, most viewers were completely unaware that Dave had been replaced by Joe Teti, so they flooded the internet looking for answers. Apparently, the major search engines ranked our Canterbury post as #1 for associated keyword searches, and RMB went viral. We ended up getting hit with over 200,000 visitors in just a matter of days, and nearly 500 combined comments. We were even contacted by the National Enquirer for a comment on Canterbury's departure (as if we really knew anything- ha!).


What else is new? Video! Within the next 1-2 months, I am going to start incorporating video into our posts. While at the OR Show, I ran into a couple of really cool new types of portable video cameras, and will be using them to add a new dimension to the site. I'm really excited about this, since there are lots of things I can demonstrate better on video than I can with photos.


Yep, our social media presence sucks. Our Twitter page works normally, but I have been trying to get our Facebook page to work correctly for over a year with no success, which is why I haven't featured it on the main RMB page yet. Still hoping to figure out something soon. Facebook has ignored our technical support requests so far, so I'm hoping to get an IT guru friend to help us fix it.


So what is Rocky Mountain Bushcraft's review philosophy? Plain and simple-- To write the kind of reviews that we would personally want to see when we're looking for gear. 

Do we get paid to write reviews? Nope. Do we sometimes receive free media samples to review- yep. Rocky Mountain Bushcraft operates on a tight budget (namely, yours truly's budget!), so it would be impossible to purchase all of the products we review. If a company sends us a media sample, they still take the risk that the product could get a bad review. The fact that they send us a sample does not influence us in any way to write a good review. If it did, we would be just another schill site, and our reviews would be worthless. That's the last thing we'd want people to think. We do have mostly positive reviews on our site simply because we try to find great products before we feature them, using word of mouth, internet forums and personal experience. 

In closing........

Thanks for continuing to visit us, and make sure to check out the list of upcoming articles and reviews below. If you have any suggestions, or would like to see a particular piece of gear reviewed, make sure to leave a comment!


Jason and Leah


  • "Made in the USA" Gear Review: Wintergreen Northern Wear Expedition Anorak and Guide Pants
  • Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 knife
  • Long term updates- Best Made Hudson Bay Axe and Danner Raptor GTX Boots
  • North Face Inferno -40 F Down Sleeping Bag
  • Hultafors line of Classic and Standard axes
  • Kifaru ParaTipi w/Small Stove
  • Wetterlings Forester's Fine Axe
  • Kelty Red Cloud 5600 Backpack
  • Mora Black Carbon Bushcraft Knife Update
  • Terra Nova Survival Bothy
  • Snow Peak Kettle #1
  • Les Stroud Helle Knife
......and many more!


  • Rocky Mountain Tree Identification: Pinion Pine
  • Lots of new "Tips and Tricks" articles
  • Lots of new wilderness survival and bushcrafting how-to's
  • ARTICLE- "Outdoor Gear YOU need that's still made in the USA!"


  1. Hey I like visiting here even though I'm from the south. Congrats on all those hits man!  I would like to read about shelter tips and the gear or skills required. I like big knives and I cannot lie! Review a big knife please... OKC sp line or the rtak in 5160  I like that you are updating your reviews, showing long term use.
    Anyway just a show of support from one of your readers keep up the good work...

  2. Thanks Cattledog! I do like the Ontario line, so we'll have to work in an OKC big knife review for you this year.

  3. Hey what camera for vids you looking into.