Monday, February 25, 2013

Backpacking trip up Longs Peak tomorrow

Come tomorrow morning, I'm going to attempt to backpack to the boulder field near the top of Longs Peak. It will be a strenuous trip, especially considering the amount of heavy winter gear I will need to carry (6 miles uphill on snow, carrying roughly 60-80 pounds), so I'm not sure if I will make it all the way, but I'm definitely going to try! I'm going to take my camera and a cool new toy- a pair of Pivothead video sunglasses, so I will be sure to record as much of the trip as possible.

According to the weather forecast, windchill temperatures could be as low as -25 degrees F, which will be perfect for testing out a North Face Inferno -40 Degree Down Sleeping Bag I'm reviewing. I expect the trip to take roughly 3 days, less if I have to turn back because of low visibility/blowing snow.

I am making the trip alone, which can be dangerous this time of year, but it is a well patrolled trail, and I will have plenty of cold weather gear with me. Every year, an average of two people die attempting to hike, backpack, or summit Longs Peak, so it can definitely be an extreme environment, but that's what also makes it a great place to test gear. Plus, it's just an extraordinarily beautiful place to backpack.

UPDATE: You can check out the full trip report here

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