Friday, May 15, 2015

SHOT Show 2015: Kel Tec's new weather resistant Nickel-Boron finish

(photo credit: Rocky Mountain Bushcraft)

If you like to carry ultra-light semi-autos for trail pistols, listen up. New for 2015, Kel Tec is offering a weather resistant Nickel-Boron finish as an option on its semi-automatic pistols, such as the PF9 (shown above), P11, P3AT and P32. This finish replaces their older Hard Chrome finish.

Kel Tec's Ultra-light PF9 9mm, weighing in at a svelte 12.7 ounces

I got my first look at this finish back in January at SHOT Show and was impressed. Here I am with Derek Kellgren of Kel Tec checking out a new Nickel-Boron finished PF9:

(photo credit: Leah Klocko/Rocky Mountain Bushcraft)

Kel Tec's featherweight P3AT .380 (only 10 ounces loaded) with Nickel-Boron finish and Optional Neck Lanyard

(photo credit: Rocky Mountain Bushcraft)

Kel Tec's pistols are the lightest semi-automatic pistols on the market. This makes them popular with backpackers and hikers who have to count every ounce. The new rust-resistant finish should be a welcome addition for hikers who never know when they'll get caught in a summer monsoon!

Cheers, Jason

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