Monday, July 15, 2013

Trail Food Review: Sweetwood Cattle Company Beef Jerky

Wanna try some beef jerky that's insanely delicious? Check out Sweetwood Cattle Company's all natural beef jerky. 

Last January, while I was attending the Winter OR Show, I happened by Sweetwood Cattle Company's booth and was offered a sample of their peppered beef jerky. Having eaten a lot of jerky in my time, I really wasn't expecting much. To my surprise however, I was instantly wowed.

Smoky and sweet, with a rich, delicate flavor that made it practically melt in my mouth, I became instantly addicted.

One of the reasons Sweetwood jerky is so good is because it is made from choice strips of beef that come from organically fed cattle, raised right on Sweetwood's own Steamboat Springs, Colorado ranch. Their jerky is also softer than most, since it is baked instead of being dried like most other jerky.

Sweetwood sent me home with a few samples of their different flavored jerky (Regular, Peppered, Hot, and Teriyaki), which I happily munched on during my long drive back to Colorado after the show. I was equally impressed with all four flavors, though my ultimate favorites were the Peppered and Teriyaki.

A word of warning though, the "Hot" flavor is no joke! I eat a fair amount of spicy foods, and this flavor left a five-alarm fire burning in my mouth for some time after! It is delicious, and hot food lovers will certainly enjoy it, but people with less "fire-proof" mouths may want to try one of the other flavors instead.

Sweetwood Jerky is definitely one of the products I've been excited to share. In fact, Backpacker Magazine even picked up on this amazing jerky, giving it a 2013 Editor's Choice Award.

Editor's note: Leah here, I also had the pleasure of sampling Sweetwood Jerky. I love jerky, but all too often end up with brands that are dry, tasteless, and tough. When I opened the Sweetwood Teriyaki jerky, I think I finished the whole pouch immediately! Like Jason I was instantly addicted. It was very flavorful and the slightly softer texture was perfect.  

I also tried the Peppered which has a little too much after-bite for me, but the flavor is so sweet and smoky that I continued to eat it in spite of running for a glass of water afterward. Uh...Jason? Wanna throw some more of that Sweetwood Teriyaki this way? 

5 out 5 Stars (Highly Recommended)

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Jason Schwartz is the founder and senior editor of Rocky Mountain Bushcraft. He is a former Red Cross certified Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor, and has taught bushcraft and wilderness survival techniques to the Boy Scouts of America, interned with the US Forest Service, and studied wilderness survival, forestry and wildland firefighting at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, Colorado. Jason has also written for magazines such as The New Pioneer and Backpacker, including writing the "Tinder Finder" portion of Backpacker's "Complete Guide to Fire," which won a 2015 National Magazine Award (NMA). Email him at rockymountainbushcraft @ (without spaces)

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