Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Made in the USA" Gear Review: Filson Zip Neck Fleece Top

Ok readers, here's another excellent Filson product for the cold winter ahead- Filson's Zip Neck Fleece Mid-Layer Top. As some of you may recall, I reviewed Filson's Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket, Pants and Wool Cuff Cap earlier this year, and was really impressed by the quality. This fleece mid-layer shirt is no different. Excellent fit, light yet warm, durably built, with great attention to detail, this shirt is perfect for many seasons of use, and has become my favorite year-round backpacking companion.

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I've had this shirt since February, and since then, it's been used and washed quite a bit, but still looks like new. It's warm enough that it was often the only layer I'd need under my Goretex shell to keep me warm on cool, stormy evenings in the high country. Since it's fleece, it also packs up small and weighs virtually nothing, which makes it a great choice for ultra-lite backpackers as well as bushcrafters.

At $95, this shirt is competively priced compared to its Chinese-made counterparts. Plus you get Filson's legendary quality, fit and durability along with the pride of knowing that you've bought a product made by American workers. Another great piece of gear from Filson and highly recommended.

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  1. I get crap from my wife and friends all the time because of all the Filson stuff I own. But I have yet to wear any of it out, and it's never let me down. I'm also glad to see that they are re-focusing on producing as much product domestically as possible.

  2. Thanks for the comment Smithhammer. Yeah, Filson is one of those products that is hard to explain to people unless they've worn one of them :)