Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mora of Sweden releases new "Black Carbon" Bushcraft Knife

Following the recent release of their line of heavy duty "Robust" knives over the summer, Mora has released another interesting model, called the "Black Carbon" Bushcraft knife. The Black Carbon is essentially a Mora Bushcraft Force knife, but with a thicker 1/8" thick carbon steel blade, a squared-off spine (for striking firesteels and scraping tinder), and a black Tungsten DLC Coating for rust resistance.

Based on its specs, the Black Carbon looks to be the most exciting piece of kit Mora has offered since it released the FireKnife earlier this year.

I've stated in previous reviews that my favorite overall knife is the Mora Bushcraft Force model. As much as I like the Bushcraft Force, I've still pined for a slightly thicker blade, along with a squared-off spine. Although the Black Carbon has everything I've been asking for, I'm still hoping that Mora will release Sandvik stainless versions of these heavy duty knives. On the bright side, these high carbon steel blades can be used to strike flint or quartz to ignite char-tinder, unlike the Sandvik models.

The street price on the Black Carbon looks to be between $36-$40, so it's a slight increase over the standard Mora Bushcraft models. For a Mora knife, that's a bit expensive, but considering its superior cutting performance, durability and comfort, I'd say the Black Carbon is still a bargain compared to most knife companies' offerings.

Thanks to Ben's Backwoods, we should be receiving a new Black Carbon later this week. We will post a quick impression review and comparison photos as soon as it arrives, so check back frequently!


  1. Now that's promising. A lot of potential there. Any chance if you review it you can field dress a big game animal with it? :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Outdoor. I doubt it, since most of the hunters I know have finished for the season. If I can I'll definitely try it though.