Friday, January 22, 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Hoppe's new Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube

Got to see this stuff in action at Media Day at the Range. Savage Arms had a semi-automatic rimfire test rifle that began to malfunction after being shot thousands of times plus having dust and sand from the Nevada desert get into its internals due to high wind conditions. A few squirts of this stuff brought the gun back to 100% reliability without having to break it down. I was impressed. Might be a good tool to store in your off-the-grid cabin for quick fix emergencies.

Information from Hoppes:

Hoppe’s, the best-known name in gun care products, releases a new state-of-the-art formula called Gun Medic to help shooters of all disciplines clean and lubricate dirty firearms. Developed for quick use when a deep clean isn’t in the cards, Hoppe’s Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube is a fast-acting, all-in-one product that will clean and lubricate a firearm in one application to quickly get the gun back in action. It’s like having a first aid kit for dirty firearms, eliminating malfunctions caused by buildup of dirt and grime.

When seconds count, Gun Medic products will clean and lubricate a dirty firearm quickly and effortlessly to provide unrivaled performance. The revolutionary formula combines a bio-based lubricant developed for jet turbines with an amazing cleaning agent that scrubs away powder residue and then evaporates in 60 seconds, leaving only the thin coat of the high-performance lube. The lubricant tolerance is an astounding -65°F to 500°F. This cleaner and lubricant combination is loaded into a new high-pressure bottle to blast out dirt and crud. It comes in 4-ounce and 10-ounce sizes.

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